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Great surroundings

Award-winning, charming beach in Niechorze Lake Liwa Łuża nature reserve

Great surroundings

The Baltic Natur Park complex is the only such place on the Polish sea that connects the proximity of the sea, the Liwia Łuża lake and the nature reserve of the same name. Here, you can relax in very comfortable conditions, enjoying the beautiful beach and attractions of the picturesque area. The most important attractions include the very clean beach, which has been awarded the Blue Flag, the nearby lighthouse, the unique Livia Łuża nature reserve with lake of the same name, Nadmorska Narrow Gauge Railway, miniature lighthouse park, butterfly conservatory, wax museum. The lively Amber Avenue is the main promenade of Niechorze with numerous attractions, restaurants and ice-cream shops, as well as the proximity of shops are an ideal location for rest and spending time.

Walk around

Only a few minutes’ walk from Baltic Natur Park, there are numerous attractions.

Beautiful beach

The beach in Niechorze has been repeatedly honoured with the prestigious Blue Flag, considered one of the cleanest beaches of the Polish coast. “Blue Flag” is an international certificate granted to bathing areas that meet the highest environmental, safety, accessibility and information criteria.

The program operates in 32 countries. Only those bathing beaches that meet the stringent environmental cleanliness requirements receive the Blue Flag.
The criteria for cleanliness (condition and number of toilets, segregation of waste, order on the beach) and safety (state of emergency services) are checked.

6-minute walk

Liwia Łuża lake

Just a 3-minute walk from Baltic Natur Park is the beautiful Liwia Łuża lake, which is part of the nature reserve of Liwia Łuża. Liwia Łuża lake creates excellent conditions for observing and photographing numerous species of waterfowl.

Around the lake runs about 9 km long green trail. It has the character of a loop – it starts and ends at the bus station in Niechorze. On the route, apart from the lake, you can see traces of the settlement from the beginning of our era in the village of Skalno, as well as the historic railway station in Pogorzelica.

3-minute walk

Narrow-gauge seaside railway

Narrow-gauge is currently one of the biggest attractions of the Rewal commune and is located in the group of the flagship tourist products of West Pomerania.

On the route of the railway there are numerous attractions including butterfly conservatory in Niechorze, miniature lighthouse park, Lighthouse in Niechorze or the narrow gauge railway exhibition.

3-minute walk

Lighthouse in Niechorze

The Lighthouse in Niechorze, is deemed one of the most beautiful on the Polish coast.

At an altitude of 35.7 m, an observation deck is located, from which there is a view of the surrounding area within a few kilometres.

8-minute walk

Fishing harbour

There is also a fishing harbour on the beach. Fishing boats of local fishermen can be recognised by the characteristic designation “NIE” on the side.

Gastronomy in Niechorze is based mainly on fish freshly caught by local fishermen. Also, tourists can buy fish directly from the cutter, they are certainly ideal for barbecuing. Moored boats, sea and beach, are also perfect scenery for souvenir photos.

7-minute walk

Butterfly conservatory

The butterfly conservatory under Lighthouse of Niechorze is a place where you can see dozens of freely flying, exotic butterflies from around the world at your fingertips.

It is an ideal place for people who want to learn, among others, why butterflies have two pairs of wings, how do they see or simply experience amazing aesthetic impressions.

Perhaps the butterfly will sit on your shoulder?

8-minute walk

Wax Museum

In the Wax Museum you can see the most famous figures from around the world on a 1:1 scale.

Lady Gaga, Harry Potter, Shrek, or Winston Churchill are just some of them, and the fascinating 3D illusions will allow you to move to an amazing, charming three-dimensional world.

8-minute walk

Miniature Lighthouse Park

Visitors to the Miniature Lighthouses Park can admire the miniatures of all Polish coast lighthouses in the 1:10 scale.

Carefully made, using the latest techniques, they even present filigree details of the beautiful objects. On site you can familiarise yourself with the historical values of individual lighthouses contained in the descriptions or use the on-site guide available.

8-minute walk

Amber Avenue

Amber Avenue is the main pedestrian area of Niechorze.There are numerous shops, restaurants and fish fryers with a rich selection of delicious fish and seafood.

There are also interesting cafes and taverns, which apart from the nice service offer a tasty menu.

5-minute walk

Peasant farm

A typical complex of farm buildings from the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries.

In front of the entrance there were living quarters, and the remaining part were farm buildings: a barn, stable, granary, and pigsty.

4-minute walk

Dino shop

The nearest general store is just a few-minute walk from the Baltic Natur Park.

2-minute walk

Even more attractions

Ruins in Trzęsacz

In Trzęsacz you can admire the ruins of the St. Nicholas Church, destroyed by the receding cliff.

An unforgettable view of the beach, ruins and coastal cliffs can be enjoyed from the new observation deck.

9 minutes by car (5 km)


In Trzęsacz is a professional, felt Minigolf. It is located on a pedestrian-bicycle route between Pustków and Trzęsacz.

It’s a great place to practice dexterity, because the game is to defeat 18 positions while using as few ball hits as possible with a golf club.

6 minutes by car (4 km)

Observation platform

The observation platform in Trzęsacz is a huge, modern construction located at an altitude of 20 m above sea level.

The terrace offers a beautiful view of the Baltic Sea and the ruins of the Gothic church on the cliff.

After dark, the structure is decorated with beautiful light illumination.

9 minutes by car (5.3 km)

Magical house

This is a magical house where everything is reversed by 180 degrees. It is completely furnished which makes an electrifying impression and makes the senses go crazy.

This is the only attraction of this type on the Rewal Coast and one of the two at the Polish seaside.

15 minutes by car (10 km)

Kołobrzeg – the Pearl of the Baltic Sea

It is the largest of the Polish health spas with unparalleled charm and interesting history. Winding stairs lead to the viewpoint of the lighthouse, from where there is a beautiful view of the sea, the beach and the city.

Being in Kołobrzeg, it’s also worth seeing the cathedral, the town hall, the museum and the old town.

One of the most valuable monuments is the Gothic Co-Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

48 minutes by car (46 km)

Szczecin – a city of monuments, waters and greenery

Szczecin, although located 60 km inland, is a seaport. The city is surrounded by three forests: Wkrzańska, Bukowa and Goleniowska.

Being in Szczecin, you must see the castle and cathedral, take a walk on the Chrobry Embankments and the Fountains alley, go on a trip around the Szczecin port and Dąbie lake.

1 hour 30 minutes by car (120 km)

Castle of the Pomeranian Dukes

The castle was probably built in the second half of the 14th century.

It was so impressive that it received the name of the Castle of the Pomeranian Dukes. Tourists can see here the monuments of Pomeranian folk art, antique wooden sculptures, sacral art exhibitions or works by contemporary artists.

The castle is an invaluable monument, and the restored rooms take us into the atmosphere of the middle ages.

1 hour 40 minutes by car (125 km)

The Center of Slavs and Vikings

This is a great reconstruction of the buildings of medieval Wolin. For over 100 years archaeological excavations have been conducted in the city, thanks to which precise reconstruction of history is possible.

The settlement has the character of an open-air museum, visitors can see how everyday life of those people could look like, how they lived and worked. There are demonstrations and learning of old crafts in the settlement.

Here you can see the work of craftsmen in historical costumes and try your hand to get to know the work and life of our ancestors in practice.

50 minutes by car (60 km)

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