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Attractions of Baltic Natur Park in Niechorze

Check out what attractions await you in Niechorze and the Baltic Natur Park!

Attractions of the Baltic Natur Park center – why is it worth visiting us?

Our center is not only a beautiful lake nearby (Liwia Łuża), extraordinary natural circumstances and a way to take a break from the crowds and chaos of a big city. In addition to fully equipped and comfortable houses and apartments, we offer a number of activities that will make your stay with us even more enjoyable. We offer a lot of attractions , so everyone will certainly find something for themselves.

MiniZOO in Baltic Natur Park

At the Baltic Natur Park miniZOO you will experience extraordinary closeness to nature. Meeting charming inhabitants such as Pedro the pony, Bonnie and Clyde the sheep and friendly alpacas guarantee unique moments for the whole family. It’s a place where everyone can find something for themselves, from relaxing animal observation to educational aspects of their lives. Our mini zoo is the perfect opportunity to learn something new while enjoying the beauty of the surrounding nature.

Heated swimming pool

We offer you the opportunity to take a unique bath in our heated swimming pool . The water temperature is suitable for both adults and children, and the pool area is large and comfortable. The swimming pool is open from May to the end of October.

Animations for children during the holiday season

The attractions of the Baltic Natur Park center  are intended for both our adult guests and the youngest ones. We offer children a number of games and activities in which they can take part with their peers. All events are organized and led by professional instructors , so your children will have great fun.

Sorry, the animations are temporarily suspended. We will resume them soon.

Wellness and spa area

We offer access to a range of treatments that will help you relax and unwind even more. Starting from comprehensive hair and face care to foot care, our offer includes a wide selection of treatments, among which you will certainly find something for yourself. All treatments are performed by our talented team of experts.


Who hasn’t dreamed as a child of taking a nap under the open sky, in a hammock hanging between the trees? Holiday Resort Niechorze  gives you just such an opportunity, thanks to which you can fulfill this childhood dream, relax perfectly , and provide yourself with wonderful memories that will remain in your memory for a long time.

A place to relax with the opportunity to observe birds from the nature reserve

Contact with nature is not only extremely pleasant, but also important for mental health. Our  center  is located in an extremely attractive place in this respect – at your disposal, among others, is a nearby  park , densely inhabited by birds. Observing the lives of these fascinating animals can bring true solace to the soul, so we encourage you to indulge in this truly fascinating passion.

Children’s playground in the recreation center.

Another attraction we have prepared for our youngest guests is a fully functional and well-equipped playground where your child will certainly spend a lot of time having great fun. We offer a variety of attractions, adapted to the child’s age. Using our playground is completely safe because it is equipped with the latest equipment and supervised by our crew.

A place for chess enthusiasts

Our center in Baltic Natur Park offers a unique place for chess enthusiasts. It is an ideal place where you can sit down and play in peace, surrounded by the beauty of nature. Chessboard tables are available, which allows for outdoor games for both beginners and advanced players. This is an excellent opportunity to develop your strategic skills while spending time in a picturesque and relaxing atmosphere.

Beach volleyball (pitch)

We also offer  attractions  for active people, and one of the most frequently chosen options by our guests is beach volleyball . We provide a professional pitch that allows you to play according to the applicable sports rules. We regularly take care of the technical condition of the pitch and clean it, we also monitor the quality of the playing equipment, which is why – unlike some other pitches – playing on our pitch is completely safe and there is no risk of injury or other accident.

Bicycle and quad rental

Another option for people looking for physical activity are our bikes and quads, which we gladly rent for both shorter and longer distances. Renting such equipment is a great opportunity to go to the city, the seaside  or  any other place of your choice. Of course, all the bikes and quads we have are in perfect technical condition, and moving them is completely safe and comfortable.

Pizza, breakfast and cafe in Baltic Natur Park

Zapraszamy do Boho Caffee na terenie Baltic Natur Park. Można u nas zjeść pyszną pizze oraz przyjść na smaczne śniadanie i wyborną kawę. Wieczorem zapraszamy spragnionych do skorzystania z baru. Serwujemy zarówno zimne, gazowane napoje, jak i różnego rodzaju ciepłe kawy i herbaty. Oferujemy także prawdziwe bogactwo drinków. Każdy fan alkoholi i mocnej, esencjonalnej kawy znajdzie u nas propozycję dla siebie. Bar Boho Café jest czynny od Wielkanocy do końca października.


People looking for a slightly more luxurious atmosphere will also find interesting proposals for spending their free time here. We offer access to a fully functional and modern sauna. A perfect way to relax and forget about the world around you, and we all need that sometimes.

Outdoor gym

Our resort offers an outdoor gym, which is a great place for anyone who wants to stay fit during their stay. Equipped with a variety of exercise equipment, it enables comprehensive training of all muscle groups. Using an outdoor gym is not only a great way to improve your physical condition, but also the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding nature and fresh air.

A pier with a pond

Our center has a picturesque pier with a pond, which is an ideal place to relax and contemplate nature. It is a charming place where you can enjoy a moment of peace, admiring the water landscapes and surrounding greenery. The pier with a pond is also a perfect background for photos that will preserve long-lasting memories of your visit to our recreation complex.

Barbecue and fireplace

Our great advantage is the excellent  kitchen,  which also offers the possibility of preparing dishes from the grill or straight from the fire. Of course, our guests have the right to light a fire on their own, without having to use the services of our kitchen, in specially marked places. Meeting together by the bonfire, delicious sausage and a view of wonderful natural surroundings… can you imagine a better way to spend the evening?

Why is it worth choosing Holiday resort Niechorze – apartments, cottages.  

If for some reason you are not impressed by the previously described proposals, please do not be discouraged – this is only a modest selection of the services we offer. We try to ensure that every guest staying in our houses  or  apartments  returns home with a smile on their face and positive memories of their holiday.

Both the  liwia houses and the apartments we offer are fully equipped with all the equipment you would expect to find in your own home – including household appliances and electronics. We strive to offer our services to a high standard, thanks to which, when staying with us, you will feel not like a guest, but at home. Each apartment is also extremely modern, so using services such as Wi-Fi will not be problematic, and contact with our team of employees is possible almost immediately.

Our center is located in an incredibly atmospheric place in the country – you will certainly appreciate its high values ​​both in terms of the standard of services provided and the surrounding nature. Sea, park, lake – there is practically everything your heart desires and more! It is a perfect place to spend a holiday alone, with a loved one or with the whole family.

Niechorze and the sea

Niechorze,  the village where our center is located, is an extremely charming town, located just a stone’s throw from a beautiful beach. Near the village you will find, among others, the wonderful, large Liwia Łuża reservoir, a historic lighthouse and a miniature park. It is worth taking younger tourists to the oceanarium, and slightly older ones to one of several museums. Niechorze, just like our center, is a real attraction. We invite you to visit it and stay with us!

Proximity to the center of Niechorze

It takes only a few hundred meters to get from the house to Amber Avenue, the real center of the town. Here it is worth visiting one of the numerous restaurants or cafes to taste local specialties. It is worth visiting the shops and souvenir stands here. Once you return home, the acquired trinkets will bring back wonderful memories from your vacation.

Accommodation by the sea

The Baltic Natur Park – Holiday Resort in Niechorze offers comfortable accommodation in summer houses and apartments , with a closed and monitored parking lot. Attractive architecture and landscaping, swimming pool , wellness & SPA and active recreation zones are undoubtedly some of the resort’s advantages.

Holiday cottages

You can book a stay in one of three types of modern and luxurious cottages with bathrooms. Each can accommodate up to 6 people and is equipped with air conditioning and Wi-Fi. For the convenience of guests, a dishwasher is installed in the kitchen, and in addition to standard equipment such as an electric hob, pots, pans, tableware and a set of cutlery, there is also a coffee machine and a toaster. On cold days you can turn on underfloor heating. On the ground floor there is a comfortable living room and a large terrace. Security is ensured by an alarm system and monitoring of the center.

Apartments in Niechorze

Many guests decide to stay overnight in one of the apartments. There are two- and four-person apartments to choose from, as well as air-conditioned cottages with Wi-Fi access. Also here, guests can use a fully equipped kitchen and bathroom.

Attractions in the resort

The Baltic Natur Park Holiday Resort in Niechorze offers more than just accommodation . Situated on an area of ​​nearly 13,000 m2, it offers its guests many attractions, both inside and outside the resort.

A vast private park with charming alleys allows you to relax during morning or evening walks. You can relax in one of the garden gazebos or visit the café and cocktail bar for your favorite drink, coffee or delicious dessert.

For active people, there is an outdoor gym , as well as the possibility of renting a bicycle or even a quad bike . This makes it much easier to explore this beautiful area. Thanks to the playgrounds, you can play team games and integrate with your neighbors. Playgrounds have been created with children in mind, where they can spend time in a fun and safe way. Afterwards, you can relax in a hammock.

A popular place to relax is the heated summer swimming pool , guaranteeing pleasant moments even on rainy days. The wellness & SPA zone offers a special form of relaxation. It’s worth taking advantage of a bit of pleasure.

Fans of feasting will certainly enjoy the barbecue and bonfire areas, which encourage organizing unforgettable meetings.

Attractions around the resort

Outside the Baltic Natur Park, guests like to enjoy the wonderful beach and sea . However, this is not the end of the attractions.

Just 3 minutes – that’s how long it takes to walk from the summer houses to the beautiful Liwia Duża lake. It is also a nature reserve, famous for its rich flora and fauna, especially waterfowl. This makes it a real attraction for nature photography enthusiasts. There is a green tourist trail running around the lake, approximately 9 km long.

It also takes only a few minutes’ walk to reach the seaside narrow-gauge railway stop. This railway itself is one of the biggest attractions in the area, and you can also visit other unusual places along its route. You must visit the Park of Miniature Lighthouses or the lighthouse itself in Niechorze. Thanks to the observation deck located at a height of almost 40 m, you can admire wonderful views of the surrounding area.

Under the lighthouse there is the equally famous Butterfly House, where you can observe several dozen flying butterflies, representing exotic species from all over the world. This unusual aesthetic experience will certainly be an attraction not only for children.

Another interesting facility is the Wax Museum in Niechorze. Do you want to meet Lady Gaga, Shrek or Winston Churchill – here you go, they are at your fingertips.

Attractions in the immediate vicinity of Niechorze

In the immediate vicinity of the Baltic Natur Park center in Niechorze, it is certainly worth visiting Trzęsacz . It’s only 5 km away, so you can use the bikes rented at the center. On site we can play a game of mini golf and then see the famous ruins of the church of St. Nicholas, who was engulfed by a retreating cliff . A convenient place to observe the mentioned ruins and admire the view of the sea is the recently built modern viewing platform.

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