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MiniZOO in Baltic Natur Park

Check out what attractions await you in Niechorze and the Baltic Natur Park!

Pedro the pony

The pony Pedro von Iskier is the first resident of the miniZoo Baltic Natur Park in Niechorze. It is a very cheerful horse whose favorite activity is watching tourists and making buttery eyes in order to receive a carrot. His delicacy is carrots and corn with greens.

Clyde and New Year sheep

New Year and Clyde the sheep in the Baltic Natur Park are the embodiment of charm and independence, resembling famous characters from history in their behavior. They are true masters of stealing delicacies, and their favorite pastimes are playing pranks, energetic running and relaxing in the warm rays of the sun. Known for their gentle nature, these adorable sheep are excellent friends for all visitors, offering the opportunity for close contact through feeding, petting, and mutual observation. They provide an unforgettable experience for anyone who wants to spend time surrounded by friendly animals, learning about them and enjoying the peace of nature.


Alpacas are extremely friendly animals. They have an original appearance and friendly temperament. Species experts claim that each of them has a different facial expression. In the Baltic Natur Park you can see it for yourself, meet our Alpacas, the dark one Ernest, the medium mother Milka and the light one Beza.


Male Huacaya Alpaca. He’s quite a mischief-maker, he sometimes likes to spit on someone and get at your shoelaces.


A female Alpaca of the Huacaya breed. He really likes petting, but of course not for free. She is very fond of treats. This is the youngest alpaca in our herd.


Male Huacaya Alpaca. Beautiful untouchable. He loves dandelion leaves.


The Cameroonian ram, its real breed name is Djallonke. One of the first animals of the Baltic Natur Park. Very shy, but willing to be petted for a few treats.

New Year

Cameroonian ram, its real breed name is Djallonke. Child Baltic Natur Park. Born in our facility on January 1, 2022. The dog loves treats.


The first resident of the Baltic Natur Park small zoo. The origin of Kashubia. Breed unknown, but thought to be a large Friesian stallion. He likes carrots very much.

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Our holidays in Baltic Natur Park were very successful. In one place we found everything that made every day different. Comfortable, air-conditioned holiday homes and a wonderful location! Lots of attractions for children and adults. We recommend it to everyone who goes to the Polish sea.

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